Marching Orders - 4/10/13

Last night was a big win, but how will the games tonight affect the Jackets?

Last night helped keep the Jackets' playoff chances alive - in fact, it almost doubled their chances, but we're still hanging around at about a 1 in 10 shot. The team needs to keep winning, but they're still going to need a lot of help.

Tonight, there's only one game in the West, and we're rooting for Edmonton over Phoenix in regulation. Both teams are in the hunt, but a win for the Oilers juuuust about nails the door closed for the Coyotes, which helps the overall chase for the Jackets.

Meanwhile, over in the East, the Rangers continue to slide - they're now down to a 78% chance of making the playoffs.

Tonight, we're rooting for Toronto to beat the Blueshirts again, in regulation, which would drop their odds by another ten percent! We'd also like to see New Jersey beat Boston in Regulation or OT, but avoid the shootout. If both games go our way, the Rangers draft pick looks better and better

It's a pretty quiet night, but Thursday and Friday will have action to spare. Just hang on - it's going to be a heck of a ride!

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