Let’s Take A Few More Minutes to Appreciate Seth Jones

Seth Jones GIFs never get old

If you recall September around these parts, we took a few minutes to appreciate Seth Jones and how good he is at playing hockey. It’s been a wild ride for the Columbus Blue Jackets this season, but Seth Jones’s continued excellence has emerged as one of the most reliable aspects of the CBJ.

During the Jackets’ current nine game winning streak, Jones scored three straight game-winning goals while battling through injury and began to emerge in the national conversation for the Norris Trophy. Here are a few GIFs from that stretch that we can enjoy and appreciate Seth Jones for being the dominant force he is.

Seth Jones Can Score

From the Jackets’ 5-2 win on March 12, Jones blows one by Charlie Lindgren here to add to the CBJ lead. He’s scored a couple of similar goals this season (like a recent one against Washington), slapping one home from the blue line. It’s hard to pick up the puck in this GIF, and you really only see it once it’s past the dots. If you can’t see it and you know where it’s going, imagine how hard it is for Lindgren—especially once you add Alexander Wennberg’s butt in your face. Jones hasn’t scored 14 goals by accident. Give him the puck and let him rip.

Speaking of slapshots, here’s another beauty against Detroit. Jared Coreau hesitiates a bit before sliding over, but it’s hard to imagine him getting in front of Jones’s shot. Perfectly placed from the top of the circle in stride in textbook form.

Seth Jones seems tailor-made for 3-on-3 NHL overtime. He’s got the skill of an elite defenseman combined with the speed and shot of a top-six forward. Here he is potting the overtime game-winner against Colorado, making sure he roofs it high enough to avoid the pads while sneaking it under the glove. Perfect pass from Pierre-Luc Dubois, too. Oh, hey: these two guys are only 44 combined years old.

Seth Jones is Tricky

Let’s stay with that overtime against Colorado. The Blue Jackets were able to apply sustained pressure in the offensive zone partly because of the play above. It’s hard to tell what happens here, but Jones and Carl Soderberg are approaching a loose puck along the boards. Jones transfers his stick to his left hand as if he’s going to smack the puck back to his defenseman, and Soderberg rushes to seal off the lane. Instead of passing to the point, though, Jones pulls the puck back extremely quickly, shaking Soderberg out of his skates and allowing him to move the puck to safety. It’s extremely fast and incredibly skillful, and it leads to Jones’s goal not too long after.

Seth Jones Can Defend

This is the definition of “feeling yourself.” Justin Abelkader thinks he has time as the Red Wings enter the zone...but he very much does not. Jones waits for the exact second to strike, watching Abdelkader’s eyes and poking the puck away like he’s casually swatting a fly. Adbelkader spins himself into the ice trying to recover and it turns into a Blue Jackets opportunity going the other way. Watch how smooth Jones is from start to finish. Beautiful.

Seth Jones Can Hit

Is this illegal? Probably. Sporting? Probably not. Jones knows he’s about to recieve a hit on this rush agaisnt Vegas, and he decides to become the hunter instead of the hunted. The Vegas broadcast could not believe there was no interference call on the play (and they probably have a point), but let this serve as a lesson to any Columbus opponents: jjust don’t try to hit Seth Jones.

One More

Remember that GIF above when Seth Jones scored the overtime winner against Colorado? Eagle-eyed readers can also see that he took a stick in the back during that fateful goal, a punishment he definitely felt after the cannon boomed (and perhaps one that he feels today?). Regardless, it’s kind of hilarious that the Colorado feed chose to end its broadcast with this extremely slow-motion replay as it rolled credits and threw it back to the studio. It’s the picture of game-winning triumph;

Seth Jones: A Real Hero.

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