Joe Thornton to CBus? (Ek Rumor) Enter at your Own Risk

"*The Blue Jackets are talking a SERIOUS trade with San Jose, possibly for Joe Thornton (who has been called untouchable."

This one is just too juicy to pass up. Eklund of course is usually never right, but you can't deny that he has sources. Thornton would be an option that would need to be fully explored if it is in fact on the table.

First is it realisitic? Howson has said any trade talks have been dealing with picks? Can there be any merit to this? Make your own call.

The second and most important thing is: could we acquire a player like Joe Thornton? For the first time in our history we can say, yes. One of the untouchables would need to certainly be touched. That means Brassard, Voracek, or Filatov would be included. As would Klesla or Russell. We might be able to throw Modin in to balance salary.

Joe Thornton is signed this year and next year for 7.2 million dollars. He is 29 years old.

If this is possible I would go all in for him. I really would. He would be one of the few players I'd honestly trade good players for. For a number of reasons.

1) He and Nash are good friends going back to the lockout year.

2) We would we be guaranteed to make the playoffs for the entire time he is here.

3) We would have a PP

4) Nash would not have to carry all of the mail.

5) He is signed reasonably

6) Although he has had playoff struggles. He showed a lot more heart this year. As he gets older, he'll get a lot more serious about winning the cup. (Check out his fight with Getzlaf on Youtube)

7) He is a bonafied number 1 center.

I'd really really explore this, even if the cost were Brassard + Chimera + Russell. Many will come to Brassard's defense. Believe me I get this. I get the economics too, but the reality is Joe Thornton's do not come available very often.

An interesting nugget is that SJ is rumored to be in on Lecavalier in that same article (consider the source) but the pieces we deal may end up in Tampa to fill their needs in this possible scenario.


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