Jersey Week: What are the worst jerseys you own?

What are some of the jersey duds you own?

It’s Jersey Week here at SBNation! Across the blogs, fans and writers are discussing jerseys, alternate designs, and the best/worst jerseys in team history. Yesterday Seeds talked about our favorites. Today, let’s dish on some of our ole favs hanging up in the closets!

We all have jerseys we love and cherish, be them hockey or not.


I own a lot of different jerseys and I typically wait until the player has become prominent in their own way — doesn’t have to be a superstar but you get the idea — to invest in their jersey.

And the jersey whose name I have that unfortunately hasn’t aged gracefully is Brandon Dubinsky (Happy belated bday Dubi) — post-CBJ contract extension Dubinsky.

From a pure jersey aspect, it’s very nice, albeit too big. But I don’t really wear jerseys as much unless I’m going to the game or watching on TV. It’s the third jersey with the big cannon, which isn’t necessarily my favorite look (and I do like it) but I wouldn’t mind if the team came out with a new or slightly modified look in the future.

When I was in elementary school, I would get random NBA and NFL jerseys at the Schottenstein outlet store.

I hate the Steelers but I have an old Kordell Stewart jersey, so that can qualify, just because. But I’ve kept that and just about all of those old jersey’s.

I have the captain Rick Nash jersey, and while I don’t have any negative feelings towards Nash, that jersey kind of brings back the memories of the one-trick pony Nash teams that really weren’t able to compete, save for a season here or there.

Honorable mention

I was just remembering how around 2014 or so if I recall correctly, I was bidding on a Nathan Horton jersey that I guess I ended up dropping out of due to the higher bids on eBay. Talk about a close one!

Pale Dragon

The worst jersey in my collection is an old Rick Nash jersey. It was a worthy purchase at the time but he was traded after just 1.5 seasons of me wearing it. I made some alterations. First, for the home opener vs. the Rangers in 2014, where I listed the numbers of the players we got in return. Then I altered it again for the All Star Game in honor of the captain. The last time I wore it was for the 2015 opener vs. the Rangers, wherein the Jackets gave up 3 goals in 80 seconds with less than 3 minutes to play to lose 4-2, which kicked off that terrible 0-8 start.


Tim Erixon CBJ jersey I bid against myself to win at celebrate bartending. It’s not a bad jersey. I just only own a few jerseys and you could say that’s the worst of the ones I own.


My worst jersey is my Jack Johnson jersey. I bought it after Rick Nash asked to be traded and left unceremoniously. I bought Johnson’s jersey because he seemed excited to come to Columbus and to be a part of what was going on after he was traded here for Jeff Carter. As the final year of his contract drew to a close, Johnson saw more time in the press box as his play on the ice declined. Things culminated in his healthy scratching, followed by him signing with the Penguins and talking about how he was excited to join a “winning culture.” The Jackets promptly swept the Lightning as Johnson and the Penguins were swept.

My issue with Johnson isn’t with his leaving the team. Even with him going to the Penguins! It’s how he dumped on the culture of the Blue Jackets on his way out. Johnson was instrumental in changing the guard here after the failure of the Nash/Carter Jackets, even wearing an A during his time here. Following his exit, he spent his time dumping on the very culture he was instrumental in building, which is just petty as hell.

As a result, my Johnson jersey is in the back of the closet and won’t ever get worn to a game again. If Johnson wants to be petty, well, two can play that game.

What are the worst jerseys you own? Let us know in the comments below!

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