Jackets' top line is among the NHL's best

The line of Saad-Johansen-Foligno has been incredible this preseason, and there's no reason to think why they can't keep it going when the real games start on Friday.

By now, you know that the Jackets' top line finished 1-2-3 in preseason league scoring.

Ryan Johansen had twelve points in four games, Nick Foligno had nine points, also dressing in four games, while Brandon Saad was tied with three other players at eight points, but he only played in three exhibition matches.

This is crazy production, even in tuneup season.

This has whetted the appetite of CBJ fans unlike anything else in recent years- the Jackets are starting the season with potentially one of the most productive top lines in the league. Unlike in years past there are no questions as to who will make up the top unit, or how long it would stay together. The Jackets have a trio of players who were put together from Day One of camp, and they have done nothing but dominate the opposition during the exhibition season and should stick together for the foreseeable future.

You may feel like telling me to pump the brakes here, that it's only a handful of games, and those games didn't count.


A line doesn't put up 29 points in 3-4 games by accident. Don't forget that these guys were racking up those points against a Penguins team featuring Crosby and Kessel, and they smoked veteran-laden Predators squads twice.

Johansen and Foligno have already shown excellent chemistry going back to last season, and Saad has fit in with that duo seamlessly. As a unit, they have skill to burn and are unafraid to battle for pucks.

These are exciting times for the fans, enjoy the ride!

1 - Thoughts on the Lake Erie Monsters' CBJ-inspired third sweaters?

I think they're fine for thirds. CBJ template is ho-hum, but there's more to the sweater. The "CLE", could mean just Cleveland, or perhaps ClevelandLakeErie. Either way, I'm also not a huge fan of text-based logos, but the fact this one is in front of an outline of Ohio saves it - a little bit. The monster on the shoulder shows us a re-color of the existing logo in CBJ colors. I wonder if this would have looked a bit sharper with the Ohio in blue and the letters in silver/grey? Any 'shoppers out there?

2 - Put me in the camp that's excited by what Jared Boll has done this preseason. I'm not a Blol'er, but I wasn't blind to the fact that he was not a contributor last season. IF he's tuned his body to be more agile and IF he makes a difference by banging bodies and causing disruptions to the opposition on the fourth line with Calvert and Campbell - I'm all for it.

3 - I want to defend Clarkson, but I can't. I prefer having him and his contract to the Horton situation, but in terms of analyzing and opining on the roster, I can't get behind him. He'll have to make a hell of an impact when he's in the lineup. Like, score goals and stay out of the box.

4 - Bold prediction - if Bob starts 65-70 games he'll win the Vezina.

5 - I love that there are no rookies on the opening night roster. All of the best young players are developing as a group up the road in Cleveland. As I've said before, I don't want any of them in the NHL if they are knocking on the door. I want them to bang the damned door down and force the team to make room for them.

6 - Stop it with "Fright Line". Shame, Porty for planting this seed! We can all do better, but let's let it be organic.

7 - Finally, I have to give a shout out to my Blue Jays! I was 7 when they last made the playoffs, winning the '93 World Series. If you have room to share some good mojo, I'd appreciate the fan support! #adopttheJays

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