Jackets Links - Day 1

Welcome to the first edition of Jackets Links! Lets do this.

From Blue Jackets Xtra:

Its a bird! Its a plane! Its...Freddie Modin!

Blue Jackets probable lines for tonight.

Florida Panthers probable lines for tonight.

Blue Jackets tv:

Rick Nash, Coach Hitch, and Scott Howson talk about "The Deal"

A tale of hockey players and their sticks.

Aside from inking new deals, and autographs, some of the guys have ink of their own.

CBJ Classic of the Week

Blue Jackets.com:

Click here to take a look at how the Jackets are doing compared to past teams.

Puck Daddy:

Looks like our little brother in Syracuse is teaming up with a very popular athlete to sell some extra tickets.

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