Jackets Links - An Introduction

Good afternoon Jackets faithful! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. You've seen me around The Cannon before, but you wouldn't know it. My name is Andrew, but you'll recognize me as BLAZER_FAN_199. You may be wondering why or how I'm posting a story on the front page so allow me to explain.

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In recent months, Mike was posting his "Daily Links" content. I've seen this sort of thing on other sites and I thought it was a great thing to add to a smaller site like this one when not a lot is going on. We all know how boring things can get on off days.

Lately Mike has been unable to post anything due to his busy schedule so I took it upon myself to step in. I expressed my interest of wanting that kind of content on the site and Mike was all for it. Starting today, I'll be sharing some of the latest news and notes from the Jackets world, along with some special stuff from the past. I'll also integrate some other news from the league so we're all savvy to whats going on.

I hope this helps bring new members to The Cannon, and keeps all of you coming back. So, here's to you, Jackets fans!

March On and Carry The Flag!!!

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