Is this the 2018 draft hat for the Blue Jackets?

Merch nerds, rejoice!

It’s a Friday night. You’re out partying or over at a friend’s place shooting the breeze or doing whatever it is the cool kids are doing on a Friday.

That’s what you’re doing. What am I, the kid with no life, doing on a Friday night? Browsing the Lids website, I stumbled across...this.

It’s what I believe to be, if the Lids website isn’t lying to me, the 2018 NHL draft hat for the Blue Jackets.

To be honest, when I first saw it, I was a bit underwhelmed, but then I saw a tweet from CBJProspects who said he had found the same hat from a different source, and I am now singing a bit of a different tune.

In the Lids picture, it looks like a ‘47-style hat, but in the other pictures it looks like one of those Nike-esque breathable hats. I don’t hate it.

Also, I’m pretty sure this will mark Fanatics’ first run as the hat of note for a draft? They also took care of the Caps’ champs hat this year.

While Lids doesn’t have every team yet, you can check out the other designs here.

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