I'm Back in the Saddle

Thanks for your patience everybody, it's been a tough couple of weeks for me and my family. I'm back at 'er again though, so you can continue to expect my game threads, my take on CBJ news, and original content.

A few things have happened since last week when I was last able to blog, so here's my quick take on them:

Legein to the Flyers for Ratchuk: Like it a lot. The Crunch (and organization in general) has a need for puck-moving blueliners. Legein is the definition of player who needs a fresh start with another team, and will get that with the Flyers. I took advantage of the AHL's free preview of their online game streaming last night, and was able to catch the third period of the Crunch game. I was keying on Ratchuk, and I like him. He had a couple of hard slappers while playing the point on the PP, and it seemed like he had some wheels. I think this is potentially a win-win trade for the Jackets and Flyers.

Commodore off IR: Couldn't come any sooner for Big Red. We need his stability on the blueline, and here's hoping he makes his debut tonight against the Ducks.

Also, I bought Theo Fleury's book "Playing with Fire" this week. I finished it in two sittings, because I literally could not put it down. It was a captivating read, it's phenomenal what Theo has been able to do to get himself where he is now. He was a damned maniac for many years. Among many other things, he taks about the incident in Columbus involving a "gentleman's establishment" and had some less than kind words for former Jackets coach Dave King. Regardless, it was an amazing read. It read like he was sitting across from you telling his story. It was quite vulgar and graphic at times, but it was necessary to truly convey his pain. READ THIS BOOK FOLKS!

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