How Would You Sign Off At The End Of The World?

Slow news day? Perhaps. But this is a fun exercise.

It started with Deadspin, and since I am good friends with one of the contributors there (see if you can guess which one...) I really liked the idea. I also liked a spinoff of the idea that I saw on one of my favorite sports blogs (I know, I know). And so, I thought it would be fun to share my ideas, in the vein of what MGoBlog did. And, I ask all of you, too:

How will you sign off when the world ends? Please provide one CBJ thing, and one thing from any topic that best defines how you want to go out/be remembered/sum up humanity.


While we don't have a deep, deep well from which to draw since our franchise has only been around for 15 years, I do think there's a clip that really sums everything up both for the Jackets and for humanity. Tons of adversity, a slow start, a long time toiling in the wilderness with things looking grim and no hope, a slow climb, and finally a white-hot bright spot in which we finally break through... only to find that we will be immediately crushed once more. But man, just like my favorite literary character Harrison Bergeron, we had that one shining moment where we reached the ultimate heights before being gunned down. Perhaps this is the lowest of low-hanging fruit, but here it is none-the-less:


I know this probably seems silly because it's a hockey blog and I'm picking something hockey-related, but I kept coming back to it as a sign of humanity's folly in the face of insurmountable odds. Here are the last three free-thinking humans in a world dominated by mind-controlled automatons, and they're still trying to play by the rules even as they're bring overrun... all while an unseen overlord pulls the strings (or, in this case, the keyboard):

So, there you go... my last gasps as we're all sucked into the Giant Vortex Of The Unknown Fall Of Humanity. What say you all?

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