How The Cannon can help Haiti

Jackets fans,

Following the lead of other blogs, such as the Pension Plan Puppets and The Silver Seven here on SBNation, The Cannon is prepared to donate $0.05 per Game Thread comment to support Haiti in their time of desperate need. We'll take it game by game, starting tomorrow night against the Flyers. The power of the internet and modern media such as Twitter has showcased itself of late, where the relief effort for Haiti has become viral. This isn't an indictment by any means, i mean exactly the opposite. The exposure that the relief effort has created will without a doubt lead to more relief funding than ever before. People around the world are truly rallying in support of Haiti, and The Cannon wants to do their part.

EDIT: My apologies to The Silver Seven, they led the way on this endeavour, no disrespect meant I was only aware of the PPP.

To maintain the integrity of this endeavour, I ask that all comments be relevant to the game that is in progress. Thus far, we aren't a blog that has overflowing game threads, and this is in no form a way of padding the comment statistics, it is simply our way of contributing to the relief effort, and I sincerely hope that all Jackets fans, especially those who are regular readers of the blog who may not comment often can help in this monumental cause.

Thanks for your help,

Mike MacLean

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