Highlight Recap: Blue Jackets @ Senators

Well, that was a game that happened.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights (or lowlights) that got us there.

First Period:

Despite several attempts by both sides to give away the first goal of the game, not much happened of note in this period.

(This may or may not be true, but there certainly wasn’t any scoring.)

Second Period:

Hoooooboy, they had some cowboys in here.

To start with, how about this...and (sort of) on the power play, no less?

Of course the Senators scored to tie things back up almost immediately, but let’s no talk about that when we can talk about this:

Oh, and Markus Hannikainen? He did a little fancy footwork of his own:

And how did the hockey gods award this display of virtuosity?

Yes, the Jackets had themselves a 3-1 lead and things were looking great!

Well....about that...

Let’s just say he wants that one back, and then one Jack Johnson turnover later...

grrrrr indeed, old chums.

Grrrrr, indeed.

Third Period

With things all tied back up, both the Jackets and Senators were looking for a hero.

Would they get one? Maybe...

...maybe not.

Mark Stone’s goal gave Ottawa their first lead of the hockey game, and the Jackets needed to respond, right?


And yet here we are.

If you listened carefully, you could hear the sound of thousands of TVs clicking over to the Cotton Bowl.

They didn’t really miss much.

But just when things looked completely done...

Still, with less than 30 seconds left there wasn’t much time to find that tying goal, even with Bobrovsky out of the net - and they did not.

This marks Columbus’ 5th straight road loss, and the second straight game where they blew a 2 goal lead. A game that Ottawa won, but Columbus most certainly lost, as well.

Oh, and they get to go home and face the league leading Lightning next? Great. Just...that’s so great.

In conclusion?

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