Hearing Scheduled for Byers

After Dane Byers was ejected from last night's game for a blindside hit on Andrew Desjardins, the question was when, not if, he'd be getting a phone call from Brendan Shanahan.

That answer has come to us from GM Scott Howson via twitter, who announced that Byers will have a phone hearing tomorrow at 12:30.

The fact that it's a phone hearing normally means the player is not likely to be suspended for more than 5 games, but the fact that Byers may be considered a repeat offender due to a 1 game suspension back in 2009 could come into play. If I had to guess, 2-3 games seems quite likely.

For more outside analysis (and video of the hit), check out PHT, Puck Daddy, and Backhand Shelf. Byers was on a pretty physical tear even before taking the match penalty. It seemed like he was trying to make an impression on head coach Todd Richards, perhaps feeling Colton Gillies looking over his shoulder for a roster spot. This hit certainly got people's attention, but for all the wrong reasons. My bet is the Falcons' captain misses 3 games and then finds himself returning to Massachusetts shortly after.

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