Are the Jackets working on a trade for Spezza? Update 10PM

Rumors have swirled that the Blue Jackets have traded for Jason Spezza at the cost of Derick Brassard, Kristian Huselius, and the 4th Overall Pick.


Darren Dreger is reporting via Twitter : "I just asked Bryan Murray if I can kill the "Spezza to Columbus rumour"...he replied, "yes, please do." End of story. For now."

While I believe there may be legs to this rumor, this may disintegrate. If for instance Ottawa tries to offload a contract like Jonathan Cheechoo, then thinks may fall apart.

Who doesn't love June hockey?


The fun part, the rumor.

If I'm the Jackets I do this. If I'm the Senators (and Spezza quietly wants out / as opposed to Heatley who loudly wanted out) I do this.


For the Jackets, Spezza will make 8 million dollars (4 of which he is due on July 1st). If we are going to make this trade, we will have to pay up.

Outgoing dollars of Brassard 2.8 and Huselius 4.75 total 7.55. That's pretty close.This passes the sniff test on our end.


The future is now for the Jackets. At 27, Spezza is the top line center the Jackets have never had and he'd likely stay that way for the next 6 seasons.

Huselius is ultimately a dollar sign that has to go the other way, so the future cost is Brassard and the 4th. Brassard's wildly inconsistent play, allows me to make this deal with little concern. The best case for Brassard is that he becomes Jason Spezza. With times and pounds added to his frame I can see him becoming a Danny Briere type of player, but can we wait til that happens? I don't think so.

The 4th overall, could be the solid blueliner that we have always wanted, but in reality it would take 3-4 more years before this player has a real impact on the team. It is essential that young players continue to churn through the system on entry year deals. Especially for a team on a budget, but every pick is a maybe. Focusing in and hitting a couple 2nd rounders needs to be focus if this deal is legit.

If landing a true #1 center in his primed, signed to a reasonable deal costs us the 4th overall draft pick, so be it. You do that deal.


Here's my top 6 folks

Nash - Spezza - Voracek

Umberger - Vermette - Filatov


I have heard rumblings of us being active on the trade front with Ottawa, Philadelphia, and Boston and I would expect that a deal is made. I would also expect Brassard to be on another team next year because he's one of our most tradeable, interesting assets. Either landing a top pair defender or a top line center. I'd be very surprised if he were on the team at the start of the year.

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Yay nay on the Spezza?

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