Happy Thanksgiving from The Cannon

It’s a good season to be grateful

Every Thanksgiving here at The Cannon, we like to take a break from hockey coverage and share what we’re thankful for, both on-ice and off.

Pale Dragon

I’m thankful for the Blue Jackets being fun again, after the slog that was the COVID season. It was a difficult summer as the front office reshaped the team, but the moves have produced dividends sooner than expected. I’ve been able to attend two wins in person already, and after no live sports for over a year, just being back in the arena is a reason for celebration.

In general, I’m grateful to be spending Thanksgiving out of town with family. In 2020 there was too much time spent away from my loved ones.

I’m also thankful for my great staff of writers here at The Cannon. We’ve brought in some new blood in 2021 and I’ve really enjoyed their contributions so far — both in  my capacity as manager, as well as a reader of the site.


Hockey: Jakub Voracek

Have I already sung his praises way too much? Probably. Am I going to stop? Absolutely not. Since returning to Columbus, Voracek has been just shy of a point per game, with 16 of 17 points being assists. He’s the distributor this team has needed since it’s inception. Even more important, he has 9 points on the power play, meaning all but one of the Blue Jackets’ goals with the man advantage we’re directly cause by Voracek. That is insane. He was my favorite Blue Jacket growing up, and he’s quickly become a challenge to Zach Werenski since returning. He may overtake him by the season’s end.

Non-Hockey: Writing for the Cannon

Cheesy, I know, but I have enjoyed this way more than I thought I would, and I was really excited when PD reached out. I’m making graphics again, which I haven’t been doing consistently in almost 5 months. For those who don’t know, I applied for an internship with the Jackets socials team over the summer, and got squarely rejected. Not to suggest that this is only consultation, but it’s really been nice to stretch my creative muscles again. The actual writing has also been a blast, more than I expected. Recording the podcast has been a fun new challenge. And it’s kinda forced me to reengage in this awesome community that I’d kinda started to drift away from. I really appreciate you all, and we do this for you. So thank you.

Go Jackets!


As far as what I’m thankful for, this year I’m extremely thankful for family and friends. It’s cliche, but this year has really emphasized the importance of both. It’s been great to have my dad around longer than we thought. I’m grateful to have spent time with him, and with my mom and sister. I’m grateful for friends being supportive, having a wonderful support network, and for a group of friends who I consider family. I’m an extremely blessed person and this year has only hammered that point home.

I’m also grateful for Riley, because her snuggles while I cried frequently got me through dark patches this year.

Let us know what you’re thankful for down in the comments, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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