Guy Boucher rejects offer to become CBJ Head Coach

According to the Associated Press, and special thanks to GatorOH for posting the news as a Fanshot, Guy Boucher has turned down the offer to become Columbus' next head coach. I was asked to give my thoughts on the news that our beloved Jackets are still without a coach. First, Puck-rakers is assuming the reason Boucher is due to a pay raise and possible promotion within the Montreal organization. That being said, I can't say I'm very surprised. He's got a great thing going in Montreal, and I'm sure they'll be happy to keep him around, if he ends up staying there.

I'll be honest, and shame on me, but I didn't do a lot of homework on Boucher. So I wasn't too upset knowing he didn't want the job. I had my heart set on Dineen or Noel anyway. However, news has broken that Scott Arniel will be named head coach as soon as tomorrow.

After hearing this, I'm just excited that my team will finally have a coach to take them to a bunch of wins, and the playoffs (yes, that thing). Assuming Arniel does take over in Columbus, whatever happens to Dineen, Boucher, and Noel especially, I wish them all the very best.

Its time to start focusing on the future, now, Jackets fans. The draft is a mere two and a half weeks away (color me stoked!!). Pretty soon we'll have a new young player, plus free agency, and camp to look forward to! This is our year to make some noise in the league. One decade is in the books, and at times it was rocky, and very rocky, and very very very rocky, but all that is over now. Turn over that new leaf and lets get excited for Coach Arniel and the 2010-11 Columbus Blue Jackets!!!

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