Goodbye, Friend : A Farewell to Nick Moutrey

A fond farewell to the legendary Nick Moutrey who was traded to the Ottawa Senators during the 2018 trade deadline bonanza.

Nick Moutrey entered the Columbus Blue Jackets family when he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

He spent two more seasons in the OHL before playing within the Jackets organization.

Due to Moutrey’s work ethic and charm, he stole the hearts of Cleveland Monsters fans. He had no qualms about standing up for his teammates or placing his body in front of an oncoming puck.

At the beginning of the season, Moutrey explained to the media what he envisioned his role would be for the 2017-18  season.

“Just kind of show up every night, be a good guy, and play my game. Take pucks to the net and use my shot as well. No nights off for me.” - Nick Moutrey on his role on the team during the 2017-18 season (10.05.2017 - Media Day)

Despite having an injury which only allowed him to play 21 games this season, Moutrey stayed true to his role.

Every night, his heart and soul were laid out on the ice. The energy Moutrey brought to the locker room and ice was infectious.

He understood one can be a leader without wearing a letter on their sweater.

“Everyone’s a leader. Whether you have a letter or not, everyone’s going to be helping each other out.” - Nick Moutrey (10.05.2017 - Media Day)

There is no denying that Moutrey was the biggest supporter of his teammates and coaches.

Moutrey interrupted press conferences to give fist bumps. When scratched he cheered on his boys and stood outside the locker room giving high fives.

During the Calder Cup Championship game, Moutrey, who was scratched, left the stands early to put on his uniform and cheer the boys on from the tunnel. When the Monsters won in over time, he emerged from the tunnel surprising his teammates with hugs.

It was great to see a player support their teammates despite not being able to play in the biggest game of the season.

As he walked through the halls of Quicken Loans Arena on Sunday night, Moutrey greeted members of the media and Monsters staff with a gleeful “Hi, friends.”

These were the last words Moutrey spoke to me before being traded. I wouldn’t have it any other way for those words sum up who Moutrey is as a person off the ice.

Moutrey treated every one he met as a friend. You could see it as he walked through the Q  before and after games.

He joyfully signed autographs and wore a genuine smile as he posed for pictures with the fans.

No matter how the Monsters played or what kind of day Moutrey was having, every staff member and security guard received a “hi” or a “how are you doing”. All of this was done with a smile plastered across his face.

No one could light up Quicken Loans Arena quite like Moutrey.

Goodbye, friend.

The halls of the Q won’t be the same without you.

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