Going to the Blue Jackets Game Tomorrow? Stop By and Let The Cannon Say Thanks!

As we prepare for the final game of the season, we here at The Cannon don't have to tell all of you how rough a year it has been for the Blue Jackets. We write this site because we love the Blue Jackets, and we know that you come here to read us for the same reason.

This year started off with a bang with all of the moves made in the off-season, and quickly turned into a nightmare. That said, we all have banded together nicely throughout the season. It isn't easy to "write out the string" from November on, but you guys have made it worthwhile. Without you, our readers, we wouldn't be able to keep doing what we do.

With that in mind, we wanted the chance to say thanks! So, if you're going to be at tomorrow night's game against the Islanders, we want to give you a chance to say hi, and for us to say thanks in person. Matt and I will both be at the game, and we're going to meet up at the Cannon (of course!) during the first intermission. If you're inclined, stop by to say hello!

Rest assured we aren't going away during the off-season, not with the draft lottery coming and then the draft itself (plus the Rick Nash saga), but the last game is symbolic of the end of the journey, so to speak.

Again, we just want to say thanks for reading all season long, even as things went from good to bad to ugly to putrid to slightly less ugly to curious these last 18 games. Hope to see any/all of you tomorrow night!

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