Giving Thanks

A holiday thank you from Matt and the rest of the Cannon staff.

Even though the team on the ice is not giving us a lot to be thankful about this holiday (at least here in the US), there are reasons for Blue Jackets fans to be thankful, and for us here at The Cannon in particular.

Giving 'em Hell(th!)

The news from the last two days of practice skates is quite encouraging for getting a few guys back - Brandon Dubinsky finally getting close to returning, Mark Letestu sounding like he's not far behind, and Ryan Murray not only skating, but according to Jeff Rimmer on Tuesday's broadcast, "quite close" to being ready to go. While we wait and see about the rumored possibility of a trade, suddenly restoring those guys to the lineup does a lot to improve this team, and put guys who have been playing out of their depth (*cough* Wennberg! *cough*) into better positions (or perhaps even Springfield.)

A Big Anniversary

A year ago, fans of the Blue Jackets were keeping Nick Foligno and his family in their thoughts as his young daughter battled for her life. Today, she'll be joining her parents and the families of several other players at Thanksgiving, a healthy, happy, beautiful girl.

All Stars

The All Star Game approaches, and don't forget to Vote 4 Hugs.

Family Time

We are not only thankful for the chance to share our thoughts and our fandom here, but for the fans and commentors here who make it fun to write, to joke, and occasionally to rant with. In particular, I am so grateful for the way people here have reached out to my wife and I after talking about our experiences last month. Thank you all, so much, for your support, your friendship, and your concern.

Without all of you, we're just sitting around talking to ourselves. Thank you so much for making this site a community that Andy, Mike, Jeff, Dan, Eric, Lou, and I are incredibly proud of.

Happy thanksgiving, and a happy holiday season to all of you.

Unless you're Canadian, in which case, have a nice Thursday. :)

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