Get Excited By Watching Some Seth Jones Highlights

Yes. Do it.

I'm still very much on the fence about this. I mean, I like Seth Jones and his game. A lot. He fits the mold of everything we've wanted in a #1 defenseman since the dawn of the franchise. He's 21. He's learned with/under some of the best defensemen in the league. He's big, he's fast, he shoots right-handed. What's not to like?

For me, this trade and my reaction to it had nothing to do with Jones. It had everything to do with losing Johansen, and the timing of the move. But, that discussion has been beaten to death and is better saved for other comment threads.

Yes, this one is all about Jones. Would you like to see some highlights? Of course you would.

This should be the last time he scores on Bobrovsky for awhile:

Power Play? Power Play.

Just put this one on mute.

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