Game Thread 57: St. Louis Blues at Columbus Blue Jackets

In case you hadn't noticed--and judging by the comments on the Trade Nash piece, you haven't--there is an actual game tonight. The red-hot St. Louis Blues come to town to take on the hapless Blue Jackets. Could this team be in more disarray? Coming off a shellacking at the hands of the Ducks, we're not mired in the endless (for the next two weeks, anyway) talk about whether or not Rick Nash will be traded.


At any rate, it's Steve Mason again between the pipes. It's the Russell Twins going head-to-head. It's the return of Mark Letestu. It's the Another-Scratch-For-Ryan Johansen. It's Ken Hitchcock, again coming back to Columbus to rub our noses in the wet spot on the carpet and bop our snouts with a rolled up newspaper. It's Valentine's Day, so make sure to speak sweet nothings into the ear of your sweetheart. Those sweet nothings can include things such as:

  • Nice turnover, [insert name of Jackets player]!
  • Another penalty? DEATH!!

It's a day of love, and it's the no-love-lost match-up of St. Louis and Columbus. If only the Jackets could put some starch back into the rivalry.

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