Game Thread #5 - Blue Jackets vs. Red Wings

No introduction needed.

The Blue Jackets are in Detroit to face off with the Red Wings in an 8:00 start. There is some lineup shuffling, and there will be a game-time decision as well. Dalton Prout is out, Nikitia Nikitin is in. Nick Foligno is out (as a fairly-new father, I can say with great certainty that his head is probably still swimming a bit and he probably hasn't slept much, if at all, since Saturday). Marian Gaborik is a game-time decision with the flu, and Blake Comeau is as well with the cut over his ankle. In case you missed it, he got stepped on accidentally on Saturday, and the blade cut him above the boot on his ankle and apparently nicked his fibula. No me gusta. If Comean and Gaborik can't go, Ryan Craig and Sean Collins will draw in and some lineup shuffling will probably occur. As it is, Boone Jenner will be back in in some capacity as well.

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