Game Thread #43: Stand with Boston

Tonight's game thread will be held over at Stanley Cup of Chowder in support for the Boston community after today's events.

After the events today at the Boston Marathon, SBNation hockey blogs made the decision that we should all stand with our shipmates. (Star Trek reference for the year? Check!)

We're moving tonight's game thread over to Stanley Cup of Chowder, where they've opened up their site for everyone to sit down, talk crap, and generally be hockey fans on a day where a lot of people need a big distraction. Have fun, share stories, criticize Milan Hejduk's receding hariline, but remember to also be good people and good fans. This is meant to be something fun and something special, and I'm counting on everyone here to be as awesome as I know you can be.

Go on over, hang out, share, and don't forget to encourage people to get their asses on the Lumbus.

Let's go Jackets.

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