Game Thread #4 - Blue Jackets vs. Avalanche

Tune in tonight as the Jackets try to shake off last night's horrible performance.

Well, I think we can all agree that last night sucked. (Probably for no one moreso than Mike, who not only had to watch it, but had to write a recap, too.)

The Blue Jackets visit the Avalanche tonight, who are 1-1-0 and are coming off a home win against the Kings. They lost Steve Downie in that game to an ACL; he's gone for the season.

The Jackets will turn back to Sergei Bobrovsky in net tonight, but if the defense in front of him isn't more crisp--and less penalty-prone--it may not matter much.

If nothing else, the Jackets need to put last night's game behind them and come out hard tonight. You can only be a team that wins games by outworking opponents if you, ya know, outwork your opponent.

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