Game Thread #19 - Blue Jackets vs. Blackhawks

Methinks I'm going to need cocktails.

I'll spare you the gory details I threw out in the preview.

Basically, the Jackets played last night. They played hard, physical hockey. They lost Jack Johnson. Cam Atkinson almost got his neck broken by Barret Jackman.

The Blackhawks did none of those things.

The Jackets are finishing a six game road trip. They are currently 1-4-0 on said trip.

The Blackhawks are doing none of those things.

The Blue Jackets have lost in regulation 11 times.

The Blackhawks have done none of those things.

Wait, sorry, those are the gory details again.

At any rate, Ryan Johansen is back from Springfield. One wonders why now, considering it was a defenseman who got hurt and Joey got nary a sniff of the NHL when two centers got injured.

Steve Mason is in goal.

Keep the bar stocked. This could be a historic night, for a great number of reasons.

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