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Game Previews

Game #32 Preview/Gamethread: Hoping for a less boring game this time vs. the Senators

That last game was a snooze fest.

Game #10 Preview: Bracing for the Hurricane(s)

Fingers crossed for the same result as last time.

Game Preview #82 - At Least The Arena Will Be Full...

...just half of the people will be wearing red and will be obnoxious.

Game Preview #81 - Out Of [Blanks] To Give


Game Preview #80 - TankFest

Toronto is tanking. Columbus is "tanking but not trying to tank, really". Who's got the best shot? Who wants it more?

Game Preview #79 - Ranger Bookends

It's Fan Appreciate Night, and the team that stole the soul of Columbus on opening night is back.

Game Preview #76 - Out Of The Frying Pan...

..into the fire. The Capitals are a whirling ball of sharp pointy things rolling downhill straight at us.

Game Preview #75 - Hey Look! We Know That Guy!

x2. Well, x3, really, because our own Mike MacLean is at tonight's game!

Game Preview #74 - What To Expect?

The Jackets take on another team out of the race, and in many ways similar to them in Carolina.

Game Preview #73 - Spoiler Alert

The Jackets host the Flyers in an effort to play spoiler.

Game Preview #72 - Let's Not Go *Too* Crazy

There was a lot to be happy about last night. Same two teams again today. But, let's pump the brakes a bit.

Game Preview #71 - Mr. 1,000

John Tortorella becomes the first American-born coach to coach 1,000 NHL games. Hopefully he's not run over by the newly-fired-up TANK.

Game Preview #70 - BJORKSTRAND. THAT IS ALL.

Let the unrealistic expectations commence! (Also, that is not all. I have things to say about things. And stuff.)

Game Faceoff/Preview - Blue Jackets vs. Lightning

Here's what you need to know, plus a couple paragraphs of gibberish.

Game Preview #68 - Return Of The Bob

Sergei Bobrovsky has had a rough year with groin injuries. 15 games to go, might as well get some work in.

Game Preview #67 - Trees Falling In The Forest...

Does this game make a sound?

Game Faceoff/Preview #66 - Blue Jackets at Flyers

Here's what you need to know, plus some cheap analysis.

Game Preview #65 - Redemption Song

The Oilers were less than kind in Edmonton last month. Perhaps we can return the favor.

Game Preview #64 - Alright, We've Still Got A Game To Play

In the midst of waiting to see what will happen at the trade deadline, the Jackets must also prepare for the Rangers. Oh yeah, remember them?

Game Faceoff/Preview Combo #63 - CBJ vs. Panthers

Here's what you need to know.



Game Preview #61 - Show Up For The Bright Lights

It's national TV. Let's try not to look like bumbling fools.

Game Preview #60 - Expunge From Memory

Friday sucked pretty hard. Let it go and move forward.

Game Preview #59 - Finish Strong

The Jackets are riding a six-game points streak, and have points in nine of 10 (6-1-3). They finish a five-game home stand tonight.

Game Preview #58 - Keep Marching. (Or Not.)

We've been beating the dead horse of whether or not the team should keep winning. Either way, let's take a moment to enjoy the past few weeks.

Game Preview #57 - Can We Finally Beat These Guys?

I mean, for real.

Game Preview #56 - Fork In The Road

The Blue Jackets are--wait for it--NOT IN LAST PLACE IN THE LEAGUE ANYMORE. Not even in the East! What to do?

Game Preview #55 - Fourth Time's The Charm?

The Jackets are oh-for-three against the Islanders this season. Can they finally break through?

Game Preview #54 - Put A Body On Gaudreau

Johnny Hockey was a one-man wrecking crew in Columbus last month. Maybe don't let him do that again.

Game Preview #53 - Pound of Flesh

The Canucks fans remember John Tortorella. Not fondly, I'm guessing.

Game Preview #52 - They Don't Even NEED Matthews

It's a "battle" of the two worst teams in the league. Who is worse?

Game Preview #51 - Encore, Encore!

As both teams head into the All Star Break, can the Jackets deliver a repeat performance against the Habs?