Game Preview: Blue Jackets vs. Detroit - Game 1

It begins tonight. The Blue Jackets have made the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Columbus Blue Jackets will face the Detroit Red Wings tonight at 7 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The game will be aired on Versus, FSOhio, and FSDetroit.

The keys to tonight's game:

- Weather the early storm. If Detroit truly has this "on" switch that so many believe, surviving the first ten minutes will be huge in terms of confidence and in regards to the scoreboard.

- Play good team defense. Support Mason. Mase will need to play his best hockey to shut down All-Stars like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hossa, and Lidstrom in a 7 game series. But he doesn't have to do it all alone. The success of Hejda and Commodore will be huge in helping the Jackets outplay the Wings.

- And most of all, just play their game. The Jackets have success no matter who the opponent is when they play according to Hitch's plan. Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Chicago... it doesn't matter who the opponent is, as long as the team plays the right way.

What are your keys to the game? Feel free to chat in the comments before and during the game.

Go Jackets!

Who will win?

CBJ in 41
CBJ in 50
CBJ in 616
CBJ in 723
DET in 45
DET in 524
DET in 615
DET in 75

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