Game 9: Trick or Treat?

I'll be honest - I'd like to say I put hours of effort hand-crafting prose from the delicate etheral blossoms of my creative synapses for you. The game threads are important, and should be taken seriously.

But, it's also beggar's night in my neighborhood, and I live on a street with 10,000 elementary school aged children. That means I've spent most of today buying candy, getting plastic buckets ready, making sure my porch light works, and creating an elaborate system of barricades and trenches to keep the flow of costumed kids and apathetic teenagers in hoodies with pillowcases moving smoothly tonight.

Last year, the Oil won the first meeting as part of the infamous "Tennis Trip", 6-4. The Jackets then turned around and won the following three games of the series.

While I wouldn't complain if the Jackets went 3-1 in their series again this year, there's something to be said for getting off on the right foot.

Here's hoping the Jackets leave tonight's game with 2 king sized points in their trick or treat bags, while the Oilers spend the night wondering when the great pumpkin will show up.

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