Game 81: Darkest Before The Dawn

Some people have been saying that it's their fault for being "too optimistic" about the Blue Jackets.

I disagree.

It's not your fault to believe that a new coach and a new philosophy will make a difference. It's not your fault to believe that more focus on offense will lead to better games. It's not your fault to watch the team go to the top of the Western Conference over the first 20 games and think they can truly be something special.

I'm not sure any one person can be singled out as "at fault", but most especially not the fans, who were given a team that seemed to finally be on their way to success, and rallied behind them.

Now, we're all back to looking at another frustrating early offseason, and wondering just what kind of squad will come out onto the ice come next September after yet another offseason of overhauls.

For now, it's the last game on the road, and soon the last hurrah for many of these players whom we have cheered (and booed) all season.

Some say it would be just as well to let the Jackets lose their final two games and try to improve the draft pick. I figure that if you're probably going to trade the pick anyhow (and that seems almost certain at this point), does it really matter if you pick sixth, eighth, or tenth? Go out, do what you can, and see what comes of it.

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