Game 60 Open Thread: Coyotes on Nationwide Ice

I'm not going to bother harping on how this game is important, yadda, yadda, yadda. Every game between now and game 82 is a crucial, must-win situation if the Jackets are to remain in the mix.

Tonight the Jackets host the Phoenix Coyotes, a team that, like the Nashville Predators, wins despite having a star sniper up front. Again like the Preds, Phoenix has great coaching, solid goaltending, and a stud on the blueline. In the case of the Coyotes it's Keith Yandle. I remember him patrolling the Moncton blueline when the Wildcats would come to town- he's as slick as they come.

The Coyotes will be without The Wizard Ray Whitney tonight, which is both a shame and a piece of good news. I love watching him play, even at his age, but he is one of the 'Dogs better players. The Jackets are countering with the same lineup that beat the Predators 4-0 last game.

One more thought- don't include me amongst those who think Paul Bissonnette is funny, or witty, or anything else for that matter. He's a grown man acting like a child, plain and simple. It's not cute that he embraces the fact he is a horrible hockey player. The whole homeless thing is mockery disguised as charity. Go away, Paul.

Go Jackets.

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