Game 6 Thread - Dallas Stars at Columbus Blue Jackets

Did the bag skate help? Will the Jackets finally come out and play with some passion? Can they cover up the back door passes? Can Steve Mason play 60 minutes and avoid throwing Mathieu Corbeil into the fire? Can the Jackets actually get some shots on net? Some rebounds? Some more PP goals? How much will they miss Jeff Carter? *Will* they miss Marc Methot if he doesn't play? Will there be more than 8,000 people in the stands? Can the Jackets finally get those fans some CHILI?? Most of all, will the Jackets play like they want that first win of the season??

No beating around the bush this time: will the Jackets get win #1 on the season tonight?

Can't we just hit the "Reset" button?!?22

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