Game 6 Recap: Torched

Honestly, I don't even know what I should say here.

The Calgary Flames wanted this game more, and they took it.

The Blue Jackets, outside of a spirited game from Derek Dorsett, did not.

The Jackets didn't even muster their 10th shot until the third period.

They took stupid penalties, they looked unconcerned, and Rick Nash and Fedor Tyutin were turnover machines. Kristian Huselius didn't even look like he wanted to play tonight. Perhaps a night in the press box would oblige him.

The top line was so bad that they coughed up the puck in their own end THREE TIMES on a power play and finally were burned for a short handed goal as a result.

Steve Mason had a bad night, but honestly, I put this game on the shoulders of the entire team. To blame tonight's loss on Mason and ignore the rest of the team would be negligent.

The Jackets probably ought to be bag skating tonight. After all, it worked for Minnesota. But instead, they'll get on a plane to fly to Chicago, who they play tomorrow night at 8:30pm. I imagine that practice before tomorrow's game will be a strained affair, as the coaching staff no doubt has some choice phrases they're waiting to unleash.

The team is 1-3 in home games, and 2-0 on the road. By that logic, they should come out and really hand it to the Blackhawks tomorrow.

As a fan of this team, I dearly hope they will.

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