Game 59 Open Thread: Showdown.

It seems our adversaries tonight don't respect us. The post is crude, and rather offensive. We're cute for trying to ice a competitive team? Really? We're some sort of candy coloured amusement? Go straight to hell. Some of their commenters agree, some disagree, but in general it's an attitude that makes my teeth grind.

On the other hand, he makes a point that the Predators have dominated much of the history of these two teams. Perhaps it's fair that they don't expect us to challenge them, even when the Jackets have been delivering some solid wins of late.

But right now, I see a Predators team missing some big pieces, and I see a Jackets' team that is getting a real taste for wins. Despite that, the Predators always seem to be able to find a way, even at times when defeat looks certain. That must end.

Tonight, we'll see if the irresistible force can knock down the immovable object.

Go Jackets.

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