Game 50 Game Thread: Columbus Blue Jackets at San Jose Sharks

It's time to strap on the skates, throw on the pads, and get back out on the ice! Tonight's a late one (ugh), starting at 10:30 here in The Bus. Getcha No Doz ready!

The Blue Jackets have played the Sharks tough twice previously, and in this third meeting in less than a month they will have to dig deep and rediscover that inner grit; they did not play well in their final four games before the break. Well, they've had the week off to rest and refocus, so hopefully we'll see that same intensity that twice played the Sharks to close 2-1 losses.

And yes, I'm aware of how gross it is that I even just typed that last sentence... as if losing twice by *just* one goal is somehow and accomplishment. Well, if you've been watching this team all season, you know that it is. Ugh. I need to go wash this paragraph off. I feel dirty.

Back to the game. The Jackets recalled Andrew Joudrey and David Savard over the break, but it's unclear if either will play tonight. The Sharks appear to be without Ryane Clowe, but otherwise the teams are roughly the same as they were the last time they met back in Columbus two weeks ago.

Let the countdown to the trading deadline begin!

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