Game 49 Game Thread: Columbus Blue Jackets at Tampa Bay Lightning

I wish I had some witty stuff to say, but much like the Jackets I may have one foot out the door for the All Star Break already. Perhaps we can bill this is that "Hey Steve Mason! FFFFFFUUUUUU!!!!" game, as the two goaltenders most recently tasked with taking his job look to be squaring off tonight. Mathieu Garon goes for the Lightning, and Curtis Sanford goes for the Blue Jackets.

Beyond that, what's to say? Two struggling teams, two banged up teams, two teams nowhere close to their pre-season expectations. Two awful defenses. Two struggling special teams units. THE TWO WORST GOALTENDERS IN THE LEAGUE SITTING ON THE BENCHES!

In a lot of ways, these clubs are mirror images of each other, though the Jackets are lacking in the star-power quotient. Steven Stamkos is also leading the league in goals, but that's neither here nor there. No, these are two teams of which a lot what expected, and from which not much has been delivered. They're both battling injuries, and having trouble keeping the puck out of their net.

So, which team wants it more? Tune in to find out!

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