Game 48 Open Thread: Columbus vs. Nashville

This is your game thread, folks. Tonight's the night.

I'm throwing this game thread up early today.

I don't need to tell everybody that tonight is one of the most important evenings in team history. Playoffs are on the line. That's right- playoffs. In a shortened season where most of the high-profile prognosticators had the Jackets finishing 30th overall, the team has exceeded expectations and with a victory tonight and a little help from Dallas and/or Colorado, they can make it to the playoffs for only the second time in team history.

Here are the scenarios for clinching:

1 - CBJ are in at 8th if they beat Nashville, and Detroit loses in regulation OR Minnesota loses in regulation, OT or a shootout.

2 - CBJ are in at 8th if they lose in OT or a shootout, and Minny loses in regulation.

3- CBJ are in at 7th if they win, and Detroit loses in regulation AND Minnesota loses in regulation, OT or a shootout.

If the CBJ lose in regulation, regardless of what happens in the Detroit and Minnesota games, it's curtains.

Danno will have the full preview up later, and we'll update you throughout the day in this thread with any lineup news.

CBJ fans- sit back, buckle up and get ready for GAME DAY!

UPDATE - Here are some links to keep you updated...

Detroit at Dallas Game Page

Minnesota at Colorado Game Page

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