Game 34 Recap: A Festivus Disaster

I"ll admit, it's so much easier to write about the Jackets when they are winning. A resounding "ugggh" comes to mind when I have to talk about the team after a loss like they suffered tonight. The final score was 7-3, and it wasn't even that close. At one point, the Canucks were outshooting the Jackets 15-0. That is just appalling.

For me, the game was broadcast on NHL Centre Ice, and I had the Rogers Sportsnet feed. RSN is sort of the little brother to TSN here in Canada, and while a lot of their content is top-notch, I can't stand their hockey coverage. Tonight was a night where I was lucky enough to have to listen to former Vancouver goaltender John Garrett, who was doing the color.

The man drives me insane.

Forget the homerism, he comes off as a jerk. The Canucks were scoring early and often, and Garrett went out of his way to borderline mock the Jackets. I know that tonight they didn't deserve sunshine and rainbows, but let the score do the talking and show some professionalism.

I'm not going to give you a break down of the offense as Wagner often does- instead I am going to say this:

The Jackets looked past Vancouver, and were focused on the Christmas break.

This kind of thing happens to home teams the game before a break, they have family and friends distracting them (not a bad thing, just the way it is) and they aren't as prepared. The Canucks were hungry tonight, and the Jackets were not. It's just that simple.

Mathieu Garon was eventually pulled in favor of Steve Mason, but the damage was already done. On the bright side, the Jackets did score three goals- but it was too little too late.

Standard Bearers:

  • R.J. Umberger- Umby scored two goals, and was one of the few guys who looked interested.
  • Tom Sestito- He's looked good since the callup, tonight he gave the business to Kevin Bieksa, and scored a third period goal.

Bottom of the Barrell:

  • Columbus Blue Jackets- the whole team looked like ass tonight. Granted, they started to show some life late in the game, but when you are embarrassed like that in your own building, showing little to no effort for the first 90% of the game, the fans deserve to be pissed off at you.

Jackets fans, let's forget about this one. We'll get back to you in time for Sunday's game against the Blackhawks. Remember, this is our team. The team we chose to stand by through thick and thin. It sucks right now, but let's hang in there and be ready to make some noise for our boys on Boxing Day.

No matter what, Go Jackets.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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