Game 33 Open Thread: Beat the Flames!

This one is going to be short and sweet-I just got home after doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, and my wife just told me about a leak in our master bathroom. Greeaaat.

Calgary was my team pre-expansion. I love to beat those guys now-half of my aunts and uncles are Flame fans, and my sister's boyfriend loves them too. I hear it the most from him when the Jackets lose to Calgary- so to you Iain, over in Ireland:


A little over the top? Yeah. Probably.

Jackets fans in general aren't really in a position to be talking smack, but in this case it works.

Hopefully this time though Jarome Iginla doesn't bring his "A" game, and Matty Garon can continue to play well in the cage. It's Mike Commodore's turn in the press box tonight. I like when Commie sits out, not because I don't like his game, but he always comes back with a chip on his shoulder and plays very well.

Gotta grab my water pumps and a bucket. Wish me luck!

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