Game 29 Recap: Not Enough

Jason Chimera brought his game tonight and scored a goal and almost saved a game. In the final 20 seconds Chimmer appeared to score to tie the game. After a replay, the puck clearly went under the goal as the net rocked on its moorings. Rimer may still not understand this. It was clearly a 'no goal' and with that the hopes of a snapped streak disappeared.

If we won the game, it would have been a lift, but to tell the truth this was far from the game I expected tonight. I was expecting a playoff type intensity tonight. What we got was a lot of timid play and a lot of guys overlapping work. I think our bad defensive zone coverage has guys slipping into other guys' areas to make sure stuff is covered.

Rick Nash needs to play better. I site him at fault for Colorado's third and winning goal. We had a great chance in the offensive zone and 3 on 3 coming back. For some reason, Nash goes for an open ice hit on the puck carrier who was being covered by the left defender. This left a 2 on 1 and Colorado scored. 3-2 game over. To me it was a brainless, immature play. Nash needs to take the left side wing in the case. No exception.

Anton Stralman continued his awful play and I think we are seeing the real deal. A lot of players a confidence guys. If a pro athlete is not mentally tough, they are prone to long periods of bad play. It has officially gotten into his head. With the state of play in our defensive core, it is not good timing.

I'm not sure what the point of putting Nash - Vermette - Umberger together is if they aren't scoring goals and all end up -2 on the book.

Stating the obvious we are in a crappy spot right now. Confidence is low, players are pressing, players are trying to do too much, Columbus fans. We know this feeling, but the reality is this team is very capable of turning this around. It might take Steve Mason to steal a game for us. It might take Derick Brassard to find his scoring touch. It might take Mike Commodore to look like an NHL defender.

Ultimately we need to stay in the mix. Not taking care of business now, will make games down the stretch much more meaningful. I have confidence we will be able to add a quality player when we need to. I have confidence we will be able to improve our defense and transition game.

Mancrush of the Night: Jason Chimera. He had his motor going tonight.

Doghouse: Hitch. Until improvement is seen. Time to earn your money big guy.

Voracek cut his hair. Filatov has left. Commodore has come back into the lineup. canon  Which is to blame? I think it's looking like Filatov really added that wining element to the 3 minutes of ice time that he had. Maybe it is Voracek's hair cut. What do you think? Other variable?

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