Game 29 Open Thread: Baby Step

Success in the NHL is based on streaks. The good teams go on lengthy winning streaks, and the bad teams go on an above average number of losing skids.

The Jackets are 1-0 in their last one games.

It's a start of a new streak, right?

What the Jackets need to do is build off of their victory against the Rangers. Rick Nash took over the game late, and lead the boys to victory. Couple that with a stellar game from Steve Mason and for the first time in a while the Jackets looked...good.

They'll need Nash to be an offensive threat again tonight, and Mase will need to continue to play strong. The secondary scorers will need to find a way to make a difference tonight against the Flames- while Calgary isn't lighting the world on fire, they can still beat you in a handful of ways.

Go team.

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