Game 28 (Brief) Recap : Not a Good One

Of all the blowouts that we have endured this year. This one sucks the most. Home ice, the Leafs aren't great, and following a quality game against the Blackhawks. We feel victim to some terrible turnovers and then more overall bad defense... a recurring theme. Keeping it short tonight. 6-2 Toronto.

The defense needs a change. The Tyutin-Stralman pairing has continued to fall downhill. I'm not sure with our current personnel what the solution is. The decline in Stralman's play has really made me concerned.

I actually thought Brassard-Voracek-Umberger looked nice to start the game tonight. Not long afterward, they end up being -3 players.

We played very well in the second period until the Blake goal. A beauty from Toronto. They picked us apart after that.

We were a dominating 5 on 5 team last year and have been anything, but this year. I'm not sure what the significant difference is between this year and last year.  Even our top line seems to be hemmed in the zone most nights during this slump.

The fourth line plays like we played last year. The only line that didn't get score on. Why this line creates the best offensive pressure isn't a surprise. They check, they pressure, and they fight for the puck.

This Leafs team will not make the playoffs and made us look silly. I wouldn't be surprised to see wide sweeping, line changes.

Doghouse : Hitch. I've finally put him here. He's too good of a coach to go through a period like this with no improvement. We are not good at the things he's supposedly good at. 5 on 5, defense, and PK. He's got to own it.

Comments? Suggested Changes? Solutions? Fire Away

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