Game 27 Open Thread: I Hope the Boys Were Allowed to Play Soccer

Getting loose before a game is important.

As most of you know, hockey teams tend to boot around a soccer ball in the depths of the arena before a game, keeping them loose and it gets the muscles moving. The last time the Jackets and Blues met, the fellas from St. Louis didn't get the memo as to where they could set up shop to play their version of soccer, and Umby had to put the hammer down. Later that night the Jackets dominated the Blues, putting up an eight-spot.

This time, the Jackets are the visitors. Not only do I wonder if the guys were given a hard time with the soccer ball, but I wonder if the Blues will allow the Jackets to get in to a groove tonight on the ice. The Blues have revenge on their minds, and will no doubt come out hard. The Jackets are going with the same lineup as last game, the white-knuckle victory over the Stars.

You know what I'd like to see tonight? A friggin' goal from Nikita Filatov. He had a good game in my opinion last time out, and I think he's the kind of guy that just needs to get that first goal and he will go on a tear.

Here's to Filly potting one tonight.

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