Game 22 Open Thread: Let's Try This Again

Maybe it was the pressure of going for top spot in the Western Conference, or maybe the team was distracted by Boomer firing his load of t-shirts into the crowd.

At any rate,the Jackets couldn't seal the deal on Friday, losing 2-1 to the Wings. They didn't have to wait long to get another crack at Detroit as they take them on this evening, but this time we are in their barn.

The Jackets need to take advantage of any power play opportunities they get.One of the keys to beating the Wings is to get them hemmed in, where they can't come at you with their possession style.

Word is that Filatov may be scratched today, if this doesn't light a fire under him I wonder what would? I would be scared to death to trade him, I can just see him moving to another team and excelling.If he is sent to Springfield, will he sulk again? It's a tough spot. Hopefully sitting out two games in one week will be enough of a wake up call.

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