Game 21 Game Thread: Obligatory Guitar Riff Joke

When you play a team like the Devils, especially when it's currently a once a season (if that) event, you fall back on some stock jokes simply because there isn't a lot to help build proper vitriol.

Fortunately, there are PLENTY of ways to go thanks to their team branding.

I mean, we could try this classic. Or perhaps you're more of an AC/DC fan.

Then again, you may just be a man of wealth and taste.

And when all else fails, never forget that Martin Brodeur is so damn fat. I mean, seriously, everyone falls back on this. Really.

(My almost sort of sincere apologies to the guys at ILWT, who actually gave a respectful and classy discussion today to why the Jackets are a better team than their record indicates, worth playing hard against, etx etx. Sometimes you simply pitch to the lowest common denominator.)

The keys to the game tonight come down to playing smart, playing hard, and playing a full 60 minutes. Martin Brodeur is still damn good, but he's also been looking a bit more human this season, and NJ's defense has been susceptible to attacks off the rush and bad turnovers - exactly what Jeff Carter has been excelling at the past week. It's also worth considering that Carter has 11 G, 10 A in 39 career games vs. Jersey. He has met the enemy, and he scores goals.

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