Game 20 Game Thread

I feel like a toddler who's shy when they meet new adults. You know those kids; they immediately grab onto their parent's leg and hide behind them instead of saying hello and talking. That's how I feel right now: the Blue Jackets are saying hello, telling me my shoes with the fancy lights on them are pretty cool.

But right now, I'm a little too wary to come out from behind my security blanket. I don't want to get burned.

In other words, Jackets, back it up. Put another good performance together, and bring home a win in a game that I think is winnable if played well. If the same team and effort that showed up in the past two games comes out, plays hard for 60 minutes, and doesn't have a complete mental lapse at one point or another, then I think tonight's game can be a win.

Prove it to me.

As always, follow along and feel free to comment here in the thread. I'll be in the press box tonight, so I'll do my best to provide any extra insights that I can. Enjoy!

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