Game 18 Recap: Duck Hunt

Okay things were better. Outside of giving up double digit goals I think that would have been true tonight. I didn't think we played that great, we still have a long way to go. A win feels good even thought it needed to be in a shootout. Tonight the Jackets down the Ducks 3-2.

To be honest I'm surprised by the Ducks struggles early this year. Last year down the stretch after the deadline they rebuilt, reloaded and played great hockey. I think the thinning d and the loss of Beauchemin hurts, but I was expecting much better things from Anaheim. Bottom in the Western Conference, I'm shocked honestly.

To open us up tonight it looked like our guys were nervous. No doubt laying another egg in front of the home crowd would rack the nerves. Anaheim knew this, they likely made a point of coming out of the gates on fire. After killing a couple early key penalties we definitely played a better game. The end of the first was very good, everything else was decent.

Welcome back Kristian Huselius the hockey player. He looked very good tonight, back to what we need from him. Easily his best game this season. He holds the puck on a string and creates space for his teammates with the puck. Cashing in on the powerplay and connecting in the shootout was all icing on the cake. A great game from the Juice tonight.

Big props to Mathieu Garon. After your starting goalie gives up 8, you want to stop the bleeding. Considering Mason's somewhat erratic play this year, it is a great feeling to have a capable backup that can play. Garon might be playing for the

I want a Cannon reader to get a nice video capture of the Rick Nash leg lift shootout winning decoy/near whipeout. A big night from 61 tonight. He quietly is putting together 100 point type of numbers. With good health he will shatter all team records this year.

If anyone has Klesla's injury statistics this year I'd also be interested in looking at those. That has to be at least the 5th trainer visit. He's missed 0 games. 0 periods I think. Rusty needs to take care of himself.

Mancrush of the Night: Mathieu Garon. Outside of one game, he's been stellar this year. It certainly takes the pressure off of Mase.

Whipping Boy tonight needs to be Derick Brassard. We need more out of him, it is that simple. He's the type of player that if he isn't contributing offensively then he isn't contributing. His turnover on the second goal was terrible. Hitch is pulling his ice time back and it is the right call. We need old Derick back.

We bounce back tonight. We absolutely need this win. The theatrics are good tonight too. It builds some positive, fun.

Jackets fans, we played a decent 60 minutes. Happy? Thoughts? Dissatisfied? Fire Away!

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