Game 18 Game Thread

I wish I had something witty and zingy to post here. If you missed the preview, let me summarize the salient points in a clever numbered list:

  1. The Bruins have won six in a row, and are playing their fifth straight home game.
  2. The Bruins have scored 34 goals in those six games.
  3. The Jackets are not good at hockey right now, and struggle to score more than two goals.
  4. The Jackets are worst in the league on defense.
  5. I couldn't even beat the Bruins in a video game that I'm pretty good at.

All signs point to a pretty long and disappointing night. Each time I think this team has reached it's nadir, they find a way to sink lower. Let's see if they've hit the bottom of the canyon yet, or if tonight might find a whole new level of suck.

Try to keep it clean in the comments, please.

Professor, would you say it's time for our viewers to... crack each other's heads open, aaaand feast on the goo inside?

Yes I would, Kent.14
Man, you watch too much Simpsons.5
What's the matter with you, Dan?7

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