Game 16 Open Thread: Return of the Nash

When this game finishes some time tomorrow morning, the result had better be a victory for the CBJ.

Why am I being so demanding you ask?

Here's why- the drop of the puck isn't until 11:45 Atlantic time, and I intend on staying up to watch the entire thing. Sure, there's work in the morning, but if the boys in union blue can take down one of the Western Conference's top teams, in their building- it will be all worth it.

The Kings are at the point in their development cycle where they are ready to start winning now. They have some great young players like Anze Kopitar (imagine if he played in the Eastern Conference...) and some rock-solid veterans like Ryan Smyth, one of the guys on my list of favorite players.

There's some good news regarding the Jackets- captain Rick Nash will return to the lineup tonight after missing the last game against Colorado. Nasher was certainly missed last game, a contest where the Jackets looked anything but cohesive. Rudderless, if you will. Nash being on the bench and on the ice should stabilize things.

Anton Stralman is out tonight. Look for Mike Commodore to make his North American debut instead. Commie's been a good soldier for the CBJ and it's good to see him get back in the lineup after being injured and sitting out some games as a healthy scratch. I'm sure he'll be nice and pissed off tonight.

One final thing- my whole-hearted condolences go out to former Jackets captain Luke Richardson and his family. They have experienced a tragedy, and The Cannon gives you our full support.

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