Game 15 Thread: Blackhawks at Blue Jackets

What else can you say? The Blue Jackets have won twice in 14 games. They got absolutely smoked--nay, grown, harvested, processed, rolled up, and smoked--on Saturday night in Philly. They've had four days to stew in the proverbial juices of that smackdown in advance of the Blackhawks coming to town tonight. Some things I'll predict with strong certainty:

  • There will be as many Blackhawks fans in the building tonight as Blue Jackets fans. Over/under on announced attendance is 9,000. On actual attendance: 6,000.
  • When the starting lineup is announced, and Greg Murray says, "In goal, number one, StEEeeeeeeeeeeve Mason!!" as he is wont to do, there will be as many--if not more--boos as cheers.
  • The first save Mason makes will prompt a Bronx Cheer from the fans.
  • The Jackets will give up at least three brutal odd-man rushes.
  • Columbus will fall behind before 10 minutes have elapsed./

I wish I wasn't so negative. I just can't talk myself into any other result. Both teams are desperate in their own ways tonight: Chicago has lost three in a row and hasn't scored much in doing so, and Columbus is hanging on by a very thin thread that itself is hanging on by a very, very thin thread. I just think the Hawks have the moxie to do something about it.

Prove me wrong, boys. Prove me wrong.

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