Game 14 Open Thread: Slump Buster Edition

I'm back!

After spending last week in New York City with my wife and our best friends, I make my triumphant return to blogging, first up- the Blues.


It's not that I have anything against the Blues, in fact I remember the days of Al MacInnis (yup, a fellow Nova Scotian) and how I would watch as many of their games as I could, to see Al play. Chris Pronger was on those teams though- and my dislike for him as a player runs deep. These days, it's guys like T.J "Nash-killer" Oshie and Barrett "I'ma steal Nash's Calder" Jackman that drive me bananas.

The Blues are a physical team, full of guys who piss you off on the ice, and they possess the early Vezina favorite in Jaroslav Halak. Put me in the group that thinks the Habs traded the wrong goalie.

Tonight I am going to plunk myself down in front of the television at game time, with a row of adult beverages on standby in my adult beverage fridge in my home adult establishment in my rec room. The theme of the night for me is slump busting. There are a couple of guys who need to bust a slump and if they do, I will celebrate by consuming said adult beverages in their honor.

Lookin' at you Vermmy. And don't think that I don't have my eye on you Nik- go forth and score some goals young men and tales of your adventures against the Blues will be regaled until at least 11:00.

This is your game thread, Go Jackets.

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